Homemade and/or Green cleaners/remidies

Have you ever wondered about homemade cleaners or remedies? Have you thought that they wouldn't work or save you enough money for them to work??? Are you someone that has actually tried something and loved it, or did you hate it? Or are you the Homemade Queen? If any of these describes you this is the place to be
(this is the place to be even if it doesn't )

If you have tried one or several please take the time to tell us about it in my comment section and feel free to make a link to your on blog or site if you have one!!!

I am starting to make and use some of the products I have found on Google searches or on my favorite site, Pinterest!!! As I run out of my purchased items I will be making the ones I found and pinned. If you would like to go ahead and try some before I do and share your experience, I hope, here is a link to the ones I have found: Cleaners - Homemade Non-Toxic Cleaners

Keep checking back for new reviews!!!!

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Do you get eaten alive by mosquito's? 
Things I have tried; if  they worked or not...

Please respond in the comment section or by email, each below, with what you have tried and if it worked or not to help others
I live in central Alabama and we have mosquitoes the size of Manhattan!!! 
Knowing I was going to be working in the yard a lot I researched all of the 
'green', 'organic', inexpensive ways to not get bitten. 
Here is what I tried and how it worked:

1.) Garlic: I had two large bunches of garlic (are the individual pieces of garlic called cloves 
     or the whole bunch?)  So I cut them up all around my deck yesterday. Today I went on 
     top of it with a full thing of garlic powder. I still had one land on me around noon. I knew 
     if they are landing on me already, I will be eaten alive by dusk!!! 
     Onto the next thing...

2.) Dryer sheets : I used my bounce dryer sheets.  I rubbed them on all exposed skin as well 
     then tucked one in each pocket, total of four sheets. About an hour later I had 4 bites. 

3.) 'Dark' Vinegar: I am assuming the post I read this on was speaking of apple cider vinegar??? 
     I sprayed it around the whole area, being careful not to spray it on plants that I wanted to 
     keep but spraying heavy on the weeds (I will let you know how this works in the next couple 
     of days.) Still was bitten...

4.) Vanilla: I dabbed it on my ankles, wrist, and clothing. Keep in mind I still have the garlic everywhere, 
     bounce sheets in each pocket, and vinegar sprayed. The vanilla didn't help...

5.) Essential Oils: I didn't have the ones mentioned on the sites I read, I did have lavender (might have 
     been on one???) Well other than adding a new scent to my person it didn't help any at all.

That is all I had available to use out of the ideas I read. I think the garlic along with the dryer sheets 
helped some, other wise I would have been eaten to the point of miserable by the time it was dark, 
yet it did not rid me of them totally. 

Do any of you have any sure fire ways to get rid of the pesky little buggers??? We all need to know!!!

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In with working late tonight I started looking up how to make my own citronella oil (I am almost out and after paying $4 each for two very small bottles I thought it was time to make my own) and found a great recipe on another blog. Here is the link if you would like to see the orginal post here is the link :) : Link to Everything Emme

Watch for updates!! Once I am able to find a citronella plant or break down and order one online and make it I will let y'all know how it works!!! 

Have you tried this or another recipe for Citronella Oil? If so please tell us about it!!!

*I tried to find Emme's rules on her blog for sharing post and couldn't find anything, so Everything Emme I hope you don't mind :) By the way guy's, please feel free to share anything on my blog 

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