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Planting A Pineapple

I saw this on Pinterest, followed it to Tumbler, and then the actual article on StumbleUpon. I have listed the directions from the site as well as taken the work out of it for you if you would like to see the original 'How To' just click on "Planting A Pinapple" below.
I have cut the top off of mine, after cutting up the good juciey meat of it and put sliced fresh strawberries on top with a little sugar to eat in the morning... Mmmmm.... If I can wait that long. 
  1. Slice the top off of the pineapple leaving about an inch of meat below the leaves
  2. Place in a plate of water adding water about halfway up the meat 
  3. Leave for 3 days in a sunny window
  4. After waiting for 3 days plant the top in a very large pot with good potting soil. (The site says if you do not see any roots sprouting when you plant the top not to worry, that it will still take root.)
  5. Now the fun part.... NOT... Wait for 2-3 years and you will have your own pineapple :'/ I am not a patient person... 

    • It also says to make sure not to over water. That it likes to be watered about 2 times a week straight down the middle and to keep in a large sunny area in your home (indoor plant), once it starts growing it will be very large width wise. It also says to fertilize well giving a link to this address fertilize well link.

I just made a new Banana Cherry Bread, are you thinking what I am???? Cherry tree!!!! I haven't tasted the bread since I cooked it, If it's good I will tell you guys about it tomorrow!!!

Be You, Be YoUnique!!!

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