Saturday, May 25, 2013

About lil' ol me

I am a 43 years young divorced female with two young children living at home (son 8 3/4's lol and my daughter 6 1/2), as well as two grown daughters with children of their own (yes, I am a meme).

Six months after my divorce my teen daughter became pregnant and started going into preterm labor from 21 weeks until she had a wonderful son at 33 weeks. When he was born even though he was in great shape to be seven weeks early he had to stay in NICU until he reached term. Well needless to say I couldn't leave my young scared daughter in the hospital by herself (she pretty much stayed in the hospital until having her son), so I was there with her. All of that time off of work, work wasn't waiting on me when all was done. So there I was with three of my children, two very young at this time, and a grandchild without an income. Savings and 401K only goes so far and I couldn't find a job paying more than $10 an hour for the next three years.... So I thought this must be time to go back to college. My daughter found a wonderful guy and was married a little over a year ago. Fast forward three more years and here I am.

Since I lost my job I found I had to do things for nothing or almost nothing and that is what this blog is all about. It doesn't matter how much money we have, if we can decorate our homes and throw parties for free or almost this is the time to do it!!

I have taken the summer off from school and I am thinking of taking off the next year as well to spend time with my children, they don't stay this age for long. While I have been out I have been busy doing a baby shower for my daughter whom is due with twins the first of July (I do not believe she will make it past the middle of June, we will see) and getting started on some of the many things I wanted to redo, make, and build. When doing my daughters shower I felt like I needed to start a blog giving information I couldn't find in one place so others could. Now that I am working on my yard and my youngest daughters kitchen I still not have been able to find all of the answers I was looking for in one place, So now is the time to share the answers and the problems I have found so the rest of you will not have to hunt and then make the mistakes I did because of not finding the correct answers. I will also let you know how the answers I found turned out... Some things I have found is GREAT advise, some not so good, and others I am wondering if I might have done something wrong... The name of my blog "Be you, Be YoUnique", came from the feeling I have always had about being yourself and true to that person. Please contact me with any questions, if I don't know the answer I will do my best to find them. I'm sure I will need it or someone else will as well!!! Please also make comments on anything that you have a thought about, a correction to, a better way of doing things, etc. along the way!!!

And NEVER FORGET!!! Be you!! Be YoUnique!!!

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