Sunday, May 26, 2013

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An entertainment center purchased for $19.99 with an additional 70% off, yes, only $6.00.
Then  re-purposed into a great real looking play kitchen for
less than $60.00 TOTAL!!!

Thing one and Thing two baby shower, along with how to's on the fondant, cake, signs, etc...

How to make a fondant tiara from begging to end, leaving nothing out!!!

Finding curb appeal for the cost of some spay paint and a few things around the house.
Along with all of the how to's
How to make fondant that taste good and decorations that
look like you got them from the Cake Boss!!!
End cakes look and taste great!!!

My dd's bedroom transformation, along with the how to's.
For a cost  you won't believe!!!

  • Great shower gifts that you do yourself for less.
  • Home decor that looks like a million bucks, yet cost less than $10
  • A two seat swing salvaged that looks brand new
  • Recovering a winged chair
  • And many, many more!!!!

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