Sunday, June 9, 2013

Do you have a million pages open before you know it with a snail being faster than your laptop/computer? You need this!!!!

Do you open Pinterest or my blog  and end up having 0ne click led to another then another then another and... end up with a lot   a huge, I want to always be totally honest with you guys no matter how embarrassing, so we will say an enormous amount of pages open? If you do, you need to know about 'Tabs Outliner' if you are not already using it! 

I doubt you are as bad as I am with a million windows open, yet this can help anyone that has more than a three or four at a time.Now mine is not full of Amazon (well, not now anyway ) or YouTube but it is full! I use it this to save articles I want to read later, sites I don't want to forget, often used pages, etc. instead of having to go through my bookmarks, jump on Evernote, or some other program. Since it works through chrome you can use it even when you are not on your personal computer as long as you sign into you Google account. When you pull it up it will open on the left side of your screen, taking up about about a fourth of the space. Using this you can have as many or as few windows as you would like open or.....
 I guess you would say on hold??? You can even close a saved window from the'Tabs Outliner'. It also saves your windows if your browser crashes, battery dies, or you turn off you computer forgetting about something you wanted to look at   
 It is a  wonderful fantastic amazing amazingly fantastical wonderful extension!

So instead of feeling like this  , grab the 'Tabs Outliner' and feel like this 

Just incase you didn't notice and you are looking at this wondering why I did not put a link or the vary least give you a website address, I did. I just forgot to mention that any place you see 'Tabs Outliner' is a link to get more information and install it.

I am not associated with nor being paid to write about 'Tabs Outliner'This is simply to pass on helpful information to all of my wonderful readers, followers, and members

Remember Be You! Be YoUnique!!!

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